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Olde Squat Inn

14160 Liberty School Rd

Marion, IL 62959

Ph: (618) 982-2916





Olde Squat Inn Cabin Gallery

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Cypress Cabin Lodge

Galatia Cabin










Cypress Cabin and Main Lodge

This 1870's horse barn serves as the Inn's main lodge.  Hewn entirely from Cyprus wood, it features a large dining room and breakfast is served in front of the sandstone fireplace.

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Galatia Cabin

Located on the hill at the edge of the woods, overlooking the lake, is this 1854 German immigrant farmstead.  Originally from Saline County, this cabin is equipped with a kitchenette/dining area, shower bath, queen and twin beds, sofa bed, TV, woodstove, air conditioning, and covered porch with Adirondack chairs. Flower and vegetable gardens, lodge, and outdoor picnic area are also nearby.

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Alfred Settler Cabin

Built in Pope county around 1845, this 2-story cabin features full kitchen, shower bath, sitting room w/TV/VCR, full and twin beds in upstairs loft, woodstove and air conditioning, deck with picnic table and chairs. Also close to wooded picnic area. Completely restored with little house on the prairie charm.

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Oxford Cabin

This 2 story dogtrot cabin was found near Cave in Rock state park.  Originally overlooking the Ohio River, it now has a lake view.  It was constructed for a large, extended family and is hewn entirely of Oak. Each half of the trot is a self-contained two story cabin with fireplace, shower bath, full bed, TV/VCR, kitchenette downstairs, and queen bed upstairs.   A large porch on the east and on the west allows guests to relax on the porch swing and watch the fish jumping at sunset.

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Lake Cabin

This 1840 Pope County farmstead features shower bath, dining area, full kitchen, queen bed, sofa bed, TV/VCR, woodstove and air conditioning, upstairs loft with full and twin beds, and a wrap around porch with swing. Wild turkey and deer are often sited from the porch.

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Church Cabin

Reconstructed in 2006, this cabin was found on the Galatia Post Road 10 miles east of Marion. Built in 1850, it is a full 2-story with dovetail construction. Reconstructed with lumber taken from the Pittsburg Olde Squat Church, this cabin features king size bed upstairs and full kitchen downstairs with fireplace and wrap around porch.

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